Slack fights Microsoft Teams by adding threaded messaging

Kit McDonald

Slack (Beta) for Windows Phone

One of the major advantages Microsoft Teams had over its competition at its announcement was the threaded conversations. This is the feature that branches messaging under a previous topic, making communication much smoother and less cluttered. Now, Slack fighting back with the same feature in their arsenal (via Windows Central.)

As announced earlier today, Slack will be rolling out a new update for its app starting today. In the next week or so, the thread messaging feature is expected to be available to everyone. Users will be able to hover over a message and start a new thread from the topic, or they can join in on others that have already been started. Furthermore, View All Threads and View All Unreads will make catching up a breeze in the updated Slack.

Slack Threaded Messages

On a more productive note, subthreads won’t notify you unless you are specifically mentioned or you join in. That way you can work in a clear space without the need to read through every unnecessary detail of collaboration. Also, you can search through all of the threads conveniently.

Slack seems excited for the feature, undoubtedly eager to push back against Microsoft’s claim over enterprise team collaboration. Currently, Microsoft Teams is expected to overthrow Slack and Google Hangouts within the next two years. Even so, the projected deployment plans for businesses has less than a 10% margin difference. The race is close, and new features on both ends could keep the competition fierce.

Slack (Beta)
Slack (Beta)
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