LinkedIn experiments with AI assistance for job hunters

Kevin Okemwa


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Microsoft’s employment-focused social network platform, LinkedIn is currently testing out a new feature that’s designed to help job seekers hit the ground running when making job applications. The AI-powered personalized writing suggestions feature is currently available for testing exclusively to Premium subscribers.

LinkedIn’s Senior Director, Head of Core Growth + Premium, Ora Levit has indicated that the feature will help users present their best selves to the recruitment team. It will also help job seekers beat writer’s block when trying to come up with impressive cover letters

Levit further indicated that:

Using generative AI with information from your profile, the hiring manager’s profile, the job description, and the company of interest, we create a highly personalized draft message to get a conversation started. Customization is still important, so take the time to review and edit the draft to make it your own and convey your voice, then send onwards to the hiring manager, getting one step closer to your next opportunity.

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The personalized writing suggestions feature further enhances LinkedIn’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based writing suggestions capability which is designed to help users revitalize their LinkedIn profiles and those who compose job descriptions, with both systems developed upon sophisticated GPT. At the moment, this capability is also limited to Premium users too.

via Engadget