Kik Messenger Windows Phone app disappears from the Windows Store

Laurent Giret


Windows Phone users never had a lot of messaging apps to use on the mobile platform, but another one has recently disappeared from the Windows Store. This one is Kik Messenger, which is probably not the most popular messaging app these days, but this is still bad news for the remaining Windows Phone users.

According to Windows Latest, the app should continue to function if you already installed it on your Windows phone, but you probably should expect it to stop at some point. Earlier this year, Rod McLeod, the Director of Communications at Kik explained that Windows Phone was no longer a priority for the company. “We aren’t working on an update to Windows Phone, as resources are currently allotted to Android and iOS,” he explained.

Do you still use Kik Messenger on your Windows Phone, or have you already switched to better supported messaging apps like WhatsApp? Let us know below.