Khanacademy’s Salman Khan and Bill Gates bond over Bollywood mix-up

Devesh Beri

In the podcast episode where Bill Gates interviewed Sal Khan, the two talked about the mix-up between Sal Khan and Bollywood actor Salman Khan due to their similar names. Here are some more details about that part of the conversation:

Bill Gates: “Given a web search for Sal Khan might yield this gentleman.” [Gates displays an image of Salman Khan, the Bollywood actor.]

Sal Khan: [Chuckles] “I do.”

Bill Gates: “Do you ever get confused with Salman Khan?”

Sal Khan: “I do. In the early days of Khan Academy, I received letters from some of his fans professing their affection and surprise that I possessed mathematical skills.”

Sal Khan then shares an amusing anecdote about an incident when he visited India in 2015. He lived on television alongside Salman Khan due to their shared names. Despite the similarity in their names, Sal Khan clarifies that there is no actual Bollywood connection between them.

However, Sal Khan playfully confesses his affinity for Bollywood movies, mentioning that he watches them more than people might suspect. He even persuaded his wife to join him in his cinematic indulgence.

The discussion also went about AI, particularly GPT-3 and its application in educational chatbots like ChatGPT and Khan Academy’s Khanmigo, showing the potential for technology to assist in education and learning.