It’s Dona Sarkar’s one year anniversary, congrats and thanks!

Arif Bacchus

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One year ago to the day, a passing of the baton (eh…. big red button) happened at Microsoft. As you may recall, it was announced that veteran Microsoft software engineer Dona Sarkar would be replacing Gabe Aul as the head of the Windows Insider program, partly due to his growing list responsibilities. Well, since today marks exactly 365 days since this moment in Microsoft history, the queen of the red button is now looking back at her first year on the throne as the head of the Windows Insider Program.

All this time, Dona has been keeping count, revealing that in her one year tenure the Windows Insider team has released 84 total builds (47 for PC and 37 for Windows 10 Mobile.) She also revealed that she has participated in 2 #Insiders4Good fellowships, and has interacted with over 10,000 plus Windows Insiders at events.

With this so, there’s no hiding that Dona Sarkar is very active in the Windows Insider community. Both on the Microsoft campus and off the campus, the queen of the red button has made a difference and has done a lot for both the Windows Insider program and Microsoft. She even constantly keeps us Microsoft journalists busy, be it with her early morning “no new builds” tweets, or even her well-hidden new build teasers (we’re waiting for one today, actually).

We here at OnMSFT congratulate Dona Sarkar on her one-year anniversary, and would like to thank her for all the memories! And hey, we’re definitely keeping an eye out for her next build teaser tweet!