Rebuilt Skype client begins Android-first rollout, Windows 10 update could be months away

Kit McDonald

A brand new Skype experience is beginning to roll out today, mobile first. Announced today, Skype will be getting a major upgrade with new features and a fresher look.

Described as being ‘rebuilt from the ground up’, the new Skype is a lot more personalized approach to keeping in contact with friends and family. Which is to say that it is attempting to streamline with other competition such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.

There are three main windows in Skype now: Find, Chat, and Capture. The first two are pretty basic. Find lets you search for what you want to share such as images or look through a conversation, and Chat is your average conversation view. But Capture is a new addition that stands out in Skype’s new design.

With Capture, users are able to take pictures or video to share instantly. Or you can decorate it up by adding stickers or writing text, similar to Snapchat. The Capture goes hand-in-hand with Highlights, another new feature in Skype. Users are able to share their snapshots, conversations, and videos through Skype for up to seven days, letting others react and view them with ease.

There’s more to discover with the big update in Skype. Android devices will be receiving the update for the next few weeks with iPhone not far behind. Windows and Mac version of the new Skype is projected trailing in the next couple of months.