Intel sets sights on AI market to develop ChatGPT-like apps for customers

Priya Walia

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In a bid to regain lost ground in the rapidly expanding AI arena, tech giant Intel is intensifying efforts to carve a niche for itself, according to a recent report from The Information.

“Intel has been largely left behind as an artificial intelligence boom has catapulted rival chipmakers such as Nvidia and Broadcom. While the once-iconic U.S. chipmaker still hopes to grab a piece of the fast-growing AI chip market, in the short term it is trying something different—selling specialized AI software and services,” the report asserts.

Notably, Intel is not only focusing on developing advanced hardware but also collaborating with consulting firms to create applications similar to ChatGPT. These applications will cater to customers who lack expertise in the field.

According to sources, Intel is strategically pivoting to keep up with competitors like Nvidia and Broadcom, who have found success in the AI chip market. Instead of just providing hardware solutions, the chipmaker is shifting its approach towards selling specialized AI software and services, as highlighted in a recent report by The Information.

The report emphasizes that Intel initiated this innovative project earlier this year in partnership with Boston Consulting Group. However, recognizing the enormity of the AI market and the diverse needs of potential clients, the company has expanded its list of consulting firm partners to ensure that its offerings can cater to a wide range of customers.

Its new strategy focuses on creating ChatGPT-like applications that replicate the conversational abilities of the AI language model. These applications will enable businesses to leverage AI-driven chatbots, providing accessible and practical solutions for companies lacking in-house resources or expertise.

As the global tech community continues to witness a paradigm shift towards AI integration, the tech company’s strategic pivot towards software and services signifies an adaptive response to the evolving market dynamics. While the competition in the AI realm remains fierce, Intel’s recent foray into AI applications development is poised to fuel a potential resurgence for the tech giant.