Insider claims Gears 6 will be an open world game

Robert Collins

Gears 5 video game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X

A gaming industry insider has made some pretty interesting claims about the long-awaited sixth entry in the Gears of War series.

Speaking about the game during a recent episode of the Xbox Era podcast, co-host “Shpeshal” Nick Baker (whom you may recall also recently “leaked” the Xbox Series X all-digital edition) claimed that he’s “heard a few things about Gears 6 a while back.” He added,

Nothing too major. I just heard that A, it’s a little further along than some might think… I also heard that there’s a strong possibility that it may be like a full, almost open-world game. I know Gears 5 was a step towards that, and I think Gears 6 might take that to another level.”

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It has long been speculated that Gears 6 is already in development though there has been no acknowledgement of this from either Xbox Game Studios or developer The Coalition.

Additionally, voice actor Liam McIntyre (JD Fenix) said only a few months back that he’s heard absolutely nothing regarding the game, suggesting that either A) he won’t be returning as the voice of JD Fenix or B) Gears 6 is still very early in development or not even in development at all.

Baker’s claim about an open world Gears game is an exciting prospect, and no doubt fans will be eagerly awaiting info on it nearly four years out from the release of Gears 5.

Via Insider Gaming