iFixIt tears down the Surface Go 2, seeks to find new hopes for repairable Surface tablets

Arif Bacchus

Repair website iFixIt is back with yet another new teardown. This time it’s Microsoft’s new Surface Go 2, and the group sets out to see if the latest device offers new hope for repairable Surface tablets, giving it a score of 3 on its repairability scale.

The roughly 4-minute long video has a couple of highlights that’ll be important if you’re hoping to fix your Surface Go 2 on your own down the line in the future. First off, the Surface Go 2 doesn’t have a lot of glue holding down its display. Instead, iFixit finds the display panel is easily separated thanks to the same foam tape adhesive used into Surface Pro X. Getting into the internals of device is also easy, as Microsoft is using Philipps #00 screws throughout the device.

Additionally, while Go 2 still has black metal heat shields, iFixit says they’re much easier to remove this time, without being damaged or for assembly. iFixit also finds a new metal copper plate on the motherboard, to keep the Core m3 processor cool, too.

Other points of mention in the video include the fact that the Go 2 still has a shield to remove the battery connector. There’s still no removable storage, though, as it is soldered to the motherboard. The battery, while larger at 26.81 Wh, is also still glued to the chassis.

Overall, this offers quite a nice look at the internals of the Surface Go 2. It still looks as though the tablet isn’t easy to repair, but Microsoft did make some subtle changes which matter.