Halo Infinite has lost 98% of its peak Steam player count

Robert Collins


It has certainly been a rocky road for 343 Industries’ most recent effort to revitalize the iconic Halo franchise. At present, the game’s player count on Steam is at around 6,000. Which is about 2% of its all-time peak on that platform of 256,000 concurrent players. This according to Steam Chartz.

While this data isn’t necessarily representative of how Halo Infinite is doing on PC at large, or on Xbox, it is telling that the launch of season 4: Infection has done little to reignite interest in the open world FPS among Steam players. Recent data shared on Reddit indicated that the game has barely remained in the top 200 games list on Steam.

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Halo Infinite released in November 2021 with a litany of technical issues. While much of those have since been remedied, though nonetheless Infinite has largely failed to take off in the way Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios were surely hoping.

Developer 343 Industries has also seen the departure of several key members of its staff over the last few years. This in addition to recent layoffs at the studio and a restructuring at the bequest of Microsoft.