Windows 11 Preview Build 23493 introduces new badge feature for indicating system apps in Start Menu

Pranav Bhardwaj

windows 11 desktop

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The recently released Windows 11 preview build, version 23493, comes packed with an array of exciting features and enhancements. Among these updates, one intriguing addition is the introduction of a new “System” badge for the Start menu. This badge aims to provide users with a clear distinction between default applications and other software installed on their systems.

The “System” badge was quietly implemented a few builds ago without any official announcement from Microsoft. Initially labeled as “Microsoft,” the badge appeared next to certain stock applications. However, in build 23493, Microsoft made a notable change, replacing “Microsoft” with “System.” This alteration offers a more descriptive and precise indicator, allowing users to differentiate between pre-installed apps and other software they have installed.

Interestingly, the “System” badge is not limited to non-removable programs, as the presence or absence of the badge does not necessarily indicate an app’s uninstallability. For instance, the Tips app, despite carrying the badge, can be deleted by users. This highlights the ongoing development and refinement of the badge system as Microsoft seeks to establish consistent guidelines and distinctions.

While the exact reasoning behind the “System” badge remains speculative, its implementation aims to enhance user experience and offer a clearer visual representation of default apps within the Start menu. This distinction can be particularly useful for users who prefer to customize their Windows environment by installing alternative applications that align with their preferences and needs.

As Windows 11 continues to evolve through preview builds, the addition of the “System” badge serves as a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to refining the operating system and providing users with a more intuitive and personalized computing experience. With each new update, Windows 11 takes further steps towards offering an enhanced interface, improved functionality, and a seamless user journey.

Via: Neowin