Guest access is now enabled by default in Microsoft Teams

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft has recently announced some changes to the default setting for Guests in Microsoft Teams. Indeed, the company has enabled Guest access by default in the app for all new and existing tenants worldwide (via Windows Central).

“Beginning on February 8th, 2021, we are turning on Guest access in Microsoft Teams by default for any customers who have not configured this setting. This will bring Teams Guest capability into alignment with the rest of the suite, where the setting is already on by default,” the company explained.

thumbnail image 1 captioned A view of Teams admin center Guest access page, showing the choices for Guest access being “Off”, “On”, and “Service default”. Currently the service default is off but beginning February 8th the service default will be “On”.

Until now, the default setting for this feature was off, and IT administrators had to enable it manually to invite guests in Microsoft Teams. With this change, this capability will be automatically enabled unless the Guest access setting is set to “Off” instead of “Service default.” IT Admins will be able to revert this change by heading to Org-wide settings > Guest Access in the Teams Admin Center.

Microsoft has outlined multiple advantages of this transition for organizations, including the ability to easily collaborate with guests across documents, tasks, and conversations. This should make a big difference for many non-profit associations which may have struggled with the external Guest access function. The company has detailed several ways to configure the Teams guest access settings, and you can find more details on this page.