Google has apparently blocked its Stadia cloud gaming service on the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge

Laurent Giret

Despite Microsoft Edge’s recent switch to Chromium, it seems that Google is still getting the Microsoft web browser a special treatment regarding some of its own services. Indeed, The Verge’s Tom Warren is reporting that Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service is not working on the Chromium-based Edge, with Google apparently blocking the browser’s user agent string. Changing the user agent string to Chrome for Windows apparently solves the issue.

In its marketing for Stadia, Google doesn’t mention the service’s availability on other Chromium-based browsers, and a support page says the service requires Google Chrome version 77 or newer. However, Google Stadia works just fine on Microsoft Edge once you change the user agent string, and as Tom Warren pointed out on Twitter, it also works on Brave, another Chromium-based browser which uses Google Chrome as its user agent.


As you may know, the same thing happened a couple of months ago for YouTube and Google Drive, with Google using browser detection to block Microsoft’s Edge Insider browser from accessing these websites. In both cases, Google ultimately tweaked its services to make them accessible from the Chromium-based Edge. It’s not exactly clear why Google doesn’t want Edge users to enjoy its cloud-gaming service right now, but hopefully, the company will change things soon.