Get ready to try Project Spartan in the next build of Windows 10 preview

Kareem Anderson

Get ready to try Spartan in the next build of Windows 10 preview

We’ve been hearing the code name Spartan tossed about for the better part of year now. For those just tuning in, Spartan is Microsoft’s new project to ditch some of it’s tarnished name in web browsing with IE (specifically its lack of features and backwards compatibility compromises) and usher in a new lightweight and agile competitor.  We were given hints of this browser in October and finally shown a some-what working build of it this past January. Needless to say, we’ve been teased just about enough with this new browser.

Be teased no more folks. At Mobile World Congress today, Microsoft confirmed it will be taking its tight clutch off the project and allowing users to test it out in the next preview release of Windows 10. Microsoft has usually given out updates to the preview build monthly, but missed it’s February window (all pun intended) and now looks to push out a build with Spartan included this month.

Windows 10 previewers will presumably be able to test out some of the promised features of Spartan starting this month, including support for inking and reading modes, integrated Cortana and possible Chrome-like extensions. Stay tuned!

Get ready to try Spartan in the next build of Windows 10 preview

While the browser and the entire platform will continue to undergo optimization and refreshes in both appearance and functionality, it’ll be a welcome addition this month for people testing out Windows 10.