Geoff Keighley: Confident that Project Scorpio’s price is $499

Jack Wilkinson

Project Scorpio

As Microsoft’s E3 conference gets underway in a few hours, Geoff Keighley, a game journalist and host of The Game Awards, has tweeted to say that “with confidence Project Scorpio is $499,” which would go some way to confirm our suspicions of the price point that Microsoft is aiming its next-generation gaming console at.

While, of course, the price point may have changed since Keighley’s sources provided the $499 price point, it does further both our own, and what others believed would be a fair price to pay, to both attract new consumers away from PS4 in order to bring Xbox back to the top of gaming in terms of market share but, also to entice current fans of Xbox One to upgrade to the latest console.

We will find out the official price later today when Microsoft’s Xbox team takes to the E3 stage to deliver the information we’ve all been waiting for.