GeForce Now and Amazon Luna offer free trials in hopes of attracting Google Stadia refugees

Robert Collins

Google Stadia

Various cloud gaming services like Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Amazon Luna are offering free trials in the wake of Google Stadia’s shutdown back on January 18th.

These trials are clearly an effort to lure in former Stadia members who are now left without a cloud gaming service. Ubisoft account holders should be getting an email offering a one-month free trial for GeForce Now Priority membership, which offers streaming in 1080p at 60fps, ray-tracing in games that feature it, and play sessions of up to six hours. Ubisoft is offering this as an alternative now that Stadia has officially been shuttered.

Also getting in on the bid to woo former Stadia users is Amazon with its Luna cloud gaming service. Amazon is currently offering a two-month free trial of the Luna Plus tier for new customers. This is a considerable level-up of the usual 7 day free trial.

These two services are comparable in that both are around $10/month, and Amazon Luna Plus offers streaming at 1080p at 60fps as with GeForce Now Priority. GeForce Now offers another tier, however, called the Ultimate Tier. This offers an upgraded experience for those less casual about their gaming, with access to streaming from the latest GPUs and play sessions up to 8 hours.

This upgraded Ultimate Tier experience comes with the upgraded price of $19.99/month.