Free Adobe Photoshop Express Windows 10 app updates with new blur tool

Brad Stephenson

Adobe Photoshop Express Windows 10 and Windows 11 app

The Windows 10 Adobe Photoshop Express app updated today with support for a new blur tool. The new tool can be found at the bottom of the Corrections menu and offers both a general blurring effect and a radial blur tool.

A variety of unspecified enhancements and bug fixes were also included with this update.

Here’s the short release notes:

  • Blur- Use the Blur effect to give your images an enhanced, surreal effect.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements for an heightened experience.

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free app for Windows 10 (and soon, Windows 11) devices that lets users perform basic edits on images and photos such as cropping, removing red eyes, and applying simple filters.

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Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express
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