Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure expansion releases with DLSS 3 support

Robert Collins

Forza Horizon 5’s second major expansion, Rally Adventure, releases today to the delight of Xbox racing fans everywhere. And all that new rally-centric content will look all the greater with the inclusion of DLSS 3 support, which was included in an update on Tuesday just ahead of the new expansion’s launch.

For those unfamiliar with Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), it is a process that utilizes AI to upscale frames at higher resolution. This makes for a sharper image. A growing list of Xbox titles are implementing this technology from Nvidia, including Microsoft Flight Simulator and now Forza Horizon 5. AAA titles such as Diablo IV and Redfall also feature DLSS 3. See the video below.

Forza Horzon 4 Rally Adventure will become available today, March 29, at 11am ET / 2pm PT / 7pm BST.

Your FORZA HORIZON 5 RALLY ADVENTURE is here! Drive purpose-built rally monsters and conquer the rugged Sierra Nueva. Join three rally teams and attack Horizon’s most thrilling routes ever in Horizon Rally and Horizon Races. Feel the intensity of massive dust trails and deformable sand roads in 10 new cars and experience the bursting flames of anti-lag. Explore dramatic craters, an abandoned quarry and an entirely smashable palm forest.—From the Xbox Store’s official game description.

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