Fortnite video game adds built-in video chat and revamps its in-game store

Brad Stephenson

Fortnite Houseparty chat

The popular Fortnite video game received two significant changes this week. The first was a revamp of the in-game store’s design which now flows vertically instead of horizontally. It’s unclear why this change was made to the store though it had been tested with some players over the past month or so so it’s likely that feedback showed greater engagement with the new design.

Here’s a quick video of the new look:

The second big change this week was the addition of built-in video chat made possible by a collaboration with Houseparty. Unfortunately this new feature isn’t available on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X versions of Fortnite though it can be activated on Windows PC.

To activate video chat in Fortnite, users will need to link their Houseparty and Epic Games accounts. Full details on how to do so are here. Everyone who links their accounts before November 26th will receive an exclusive wrap. Those who can’t use Houseparty can also get the wrap by playing five matches of Fortnite with friends before the same deadline.

The next two weeks should be an exciting time for Fortnite players as the current Marvel-themed season wraps up and the next season begins. The game is also currently rewarding those who make any in-game cash purchase before the end of the year with two months of free Disney+ access.

Developer: Epic Games Inc.
Price: Free