Fortnite adds its first trans character with Supergirl’s Dreamer

Brad Stephenson

Supergirl's Dreamer in Fortnite video game on Windows and Xbox

Fortnite’s latest update just went live on Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and all other supported platforms and, along with the expected map changes and new items, this update also appears to have added the first trans character to the game, Dreamer.

Dreamer comes from the CW’s Supergirl TV series, which recently ended in late-2021 after six seasons, and is credited as being not only the show’s first trans superhero character but the first trans superhero character on TV in general.

In addition to being a ground-breaking character, Dreamer also garnered a rather loyal following of fans and was generally well-received by the LGBT community due to the fact that Nia Nal (that’s Dreamer’s non-superhero name) was a completely original creation made for the show instead of being a lazy adaption of a non-trans comic book character who was made trans to try and appeal to the LGBT demographic.

While Nia Nal’s addition to Fortnite is theorised to be a tie-in to the upcoming annual Rainbow Royale event (which is basically Fortnite’s own LGBT in-game pride event) the move could also be a promotion on DC Comics’ part as the character finally made the jump to the mainline comic books continuity just last month in Issue 13 of Superman: Son of Kal-El.

Dreamer should be live to purchase in-game via the Store tab within a week or so though no official announcement has been made yet.