xScreen portable Xbox console is back in stock and shipping globally

Brad Stephenson

xScreen and Xbox Series S with Halo Infinite

The popular xScreen accessory that essentially allows gamers to take their Xbox Series S console on the road is now back in stock and has improved shipping and payment processing for those ordering from outside Australia.

“xScreen is now back in stock and shipping globally!! Order now @ http://UPspecGaming.com,” a tweet posted on the official UPspecGaming Twitter account read earlier this week. “We now have local US shipping and global shipping that includes all taxes at checkout.”

xScreen was first announced in mid-2021 and launched in early-2022. The device is designed to connect directly to the Xbox Series S console and features built-in stereo speakers and an 11.6″ IPS 1080p 60hz screen.

While Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service does allow people to play console-quality games on their smart device or laptop, a consistent internet connection is needed. The xScreen, however, can play games locally and doesn’t require an internet connection to work. One is of course needed for online game though.

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