Fans cry “Save Minecraft!” in pushback against game’s new reporting system

Robert Collins


A month ago we reported that Mojang Studios would be implementing a new reporting feature for those who violate its community standards in online chat. This also included the decision to moderate private servers. Reported players who engage in behavior deemed inappropriate by moderating teams may be banned from all online Minecraft activities, including access to the Minecraft Marketplace.

Now, some in the Minecraft community are up in arms and voicing their opposition to the new reporting system.

You’ll notice the hashtag #SaveMinecraft. This has become a battle cry of those opposed to the introduction of chat reporting that came with update 1.19.1. Minecraft players in this camp feel that the new reporting system is an intrusion, particularly when pertaining to chat on private servers.

Mojang, however, has stated that it will not be monitoring online chat. Nor will it use bots to moderate, but rather human moderating teams. It remains unclear how long reported players will need to wait for a decision regarding their Minecraft account. Mojang has also posted further info on its reporting FAQ page.

Opponents of chat reporting have also pointed out that such a reporting system can still be abused, leading to some players being maliciously reported and, potentially, unfairly banned.

In all likelihood these changes are here to stay, as Mojang doesn’t seem poised to back down on the issue as it endeavors to make Minecraft a safer space for everyone and crack down on abusive and predatory behavior in online chats.