Fall Guys season 2 “Satellite Scramble” is now underway

Robert Collins

Season 2 of the smash hit free-to-play game Fall Guys is now live. Dubbed “Sattelite Scramble,” this new season of Fall Guys released on September 15.

Fall Guys
Fall Guys
Developer: Epic Games
Price: Free

What’s in store for season 2, you may be wondering? How about new missions, new rewards, new levels, new costumes, new space-themed variations of previous rounds, new obstacles, even new languages for the game: Polish and Latin American Spanish. There is also a new season pass for Fall Guys superfans who don’t want to miss out on anything.

New Rewards

  • Space Bean Nickname – 200 Points
  • 200 Kudos – 300 Points
  • Satellite Explorer Nameplate – 500 Points
  • Space Icons Pattern – 800 Points
  • Satellite Backpack – 1000 Points

New Levels

  • Tiptoe Finale
  • Starchart
  • Pixel Painters
  • Cosmic Highway
  • Hyperdrive Heroes
  • Hex-a-terrestrial
  • Space Race
  • Frantic Factory

New obstacles

  • Ion thrusters
  • Hover platforms
  • Trolleybots

And of course, season 2 brings technical updates and fixes to make Fall Guys even more of a blast than it was before. And no doubt there will be many more surprise additions to the game as Season 2 Satellite Scramble progresses. If you haven’t tried Fall Guys, there is no better time to get in on the mayhem than right now.

Featured image via news.xbox.com.