Explore new Experiences and Story Mode Episode 2 in Minecraft Realms for PC

Kit McDonald

The PC version of Minecraft continues to excel. Ever since the addition of the Mojang hosted Minecraft Realms, we’ve seen new game types and builds added to the growing list of available resources. Today, the team announced that Minecraft Realms for PC have a brand new category: Experiences.

Previously, we’ve seen world templates, adventures, and minigames come out of the popular game’s community. With Experiences, Minecraft takes multiplayer just a step further. The first Experience available is called the Big Giant Lightshow, a concert of music by BigGiantCircles a synchronized show as center stage.

The addition to Minecraft realms opens up a lot to community creators. Mojang explains it as the best category for art builds, roller coaster rides, and fireworks. All are experiences that can even be attended in virtual reality.

In other news for Minecraft Realms for PC, three new maps have been added to the officially curated list. Here’s a look at each:

  • Battle of Gods – A story-driven class-based brawler where players take the form of gods, blasting each other to oblivion to prove who really is the almighty.
  • Highliner – A two-player tile game that matches strategic thinkers against each other. Enclose your opponent’s tile with your color to claim it for yourself and turn the whole board in your favor.
  • Redstonia – If you love the Telltale Games title Minecraft: Story Mode, then you’ll likely be excited to hear that this adventure is added to Minecraft Realms for PC. Beginning at the start of the second episode, this fully fledged quest is equipped with voice acting, cutscenes, menus, and character selection.

There is even a trailer to peak at the Redstonia Story Mode adventure!

Minecraft Realms for PC is a convenient way to play with friends and family by invite only. Now you have even more ways to play together. Let us know what you think about the brand new Experiences and added maps in the comments below.