Evernote 5 Beta for Windows desktop released, has over 100 improvements



Evernote, for those that didn’t know, is an alternative third-party solution to Microsoft’s OneNote application. Evernote is perfect for taking quick notes on your computer, as well as other great features. Today, Evernote 5 for Windows desktop has been released, featuring over 100 improvements and enhancements.

“There are over a hundred improvements and enhancements throughout the app. We’ve updated the interface to not only look more modern, but also let you access the things you want more easily. We’ve added new search and discovery functions to intelligently help you find what you’re looking for, and sometimes surface relevant information before you even think to look,” Evernote stated in an official blog post.

Keep in mind that Evernote 5 is currently in Beta stage, so there will be bugs. If you are interested in checking out Evernote 5, hit the download link below and watch the video below.