Nvidia encouraged and excited about recent Surface RT price drop, remains committed


Microsoft Surface

Microsoft recently dropped the price on the Surface RT device, powered by Windows RT, to nearly $150 dollars. Chip supplier Nvidia remains committed to the Windows RT platform, citing excitement over the recent price drop.

“Surface RT is the very beginning of a long process and it’s the first shot in a changing landscape,. Microsoft is moving the entire Windows platform to something really mobile. We’re very encouraged and excited by the new price point and hope it inspires new sales,” Rene Haas stated. He is the VP of computing products at Nvidia.

Earlier this week, we learned that Microsoft was dropping the price on its Surface RT by $150 in the United States,Canada, and other countries. This meant the Surface RT 32GB would run for $349.99 while the Surface RT 64GB would run for $449.99.

Nvidia’s commitment to Surface RT and Windows RT “remains at a high level and hasn’t changed,” according to Haas. He also sees huge potential with Windows 8.1, since it contains Outlook RT. Haas believes organizations will find Surface RT with Windows 8.1 that much more useful thanks to Outlook RT.