Elon Musk announces Linda Yaccarino as new Twitter CEO

Kip Kniskern

Yesterday, Elon Musk announced that he had found a new CEO for Twitter, and after widespread reports that it would be former chairman of global partnerships and advertising at NBC Universal Linda Yaccarino, today Musk made it official.

Twitter has been in a downward spiral ever since Musk bought the company last year (not that it wasn’t struggling before that), with advertisers pulling out due to the increasingly toxic environment Musk has either encouraged or let stand. Hiring an advertising professional seems to be a smart move, but it’s unclear why advertisers would come back to the platform especially as Musk plans to “oversee product, software, and sysops,” something he has not been especially adept at doing up til now.

We continue to remain on Twitter (@onmsft), but we’re also seeing good engagement and increasing interest in our Mastodon account, and we’re not holding our breath that Twitter gets better anytime soon. Have you given up on Twitter? Have you been bothered by Elon Musk’s tactics? Does it matter to you at all? Let us know in the comments below.