Easier add-in management now available for Microsoft Office users

Devesh Beri

A new feature in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) allows users to explore, install, and manage Office add-ins easily.

Office add-ins are software extensions that add extra features to Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. For example, an Office add-in might add a new tool for formatting text or a new feature for analyzing data. Most Office add-ins are developed by third-party developers and can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Office Store.

Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed the release date of the new default theme for Office apps in Microsoft 365.

Accessing and Exploring Office Add-ins:

  1. Open a document, worksheet, or presentation in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  2. Navigate to the “Home” tab in the application.
  3. Look for the “Add-ins” button on the Home tab. Clicking this button will lead you to the Add-ins screen.

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Exploring Available Add-ins:

  1. Once on the Add-ins screen, you’ll find various available add-ins.
  2. These add-ins are categorized; you can review their descriptions and star ratings provided by Microsoft 365 users.

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Word, Excel, and PowerPoint users can access this feature on web and Windows platforms. However, Windows users should ensure they are running Version 2301 (Build 16026.20146) or a newer version to utilize this feature.

It’s clear that this new feature simplifies the process of finding, installing, and managing Office add-ins, which can enhance the capabilities and features of Microsoft Office applications according to individual user needs.