Bing Chat debuts on Microsoft Launcher and Surface Duo in latest beta build

Priya Walia

Bing Chat

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A recent report by Windows enthusiast @XenoPhanter has discovered an exciting addition to the newest beta build of Microsoft Launcher for Android. The beta build now includes the highly anticipated Bing AI chat feature, which promises to provide users with a unique and dynamic interaction with the launcher.

“Bing AI has been integrated into the latest beta build of Microsoft Launcher along side a new Bing Search widget,” he wrote on Twitter.

Once the launcher is opened, users will receive a greeting message from Bing, accompanied by a button that allows for voice-prompted searches. This feature not only enhances the user experience but also adds a personal touch.

In addition to the Bing AI chat feature, the beta build introduces a new widget: The Bing Search widget. This widget can be added to the home screen and facilitates quick searches for users, making it easier to access information – a cornerstone of the personalized and productive experience promised by Microsoft Launcher.

For those new to the tech scene, Microsoft Launcher is a dedicated app for Android devices developed and managed by Microsoft. It has been downloaded over 50 million times and aims to deliver a custom-made and effective user experience on Android phones.

Although these exciting features are currently only available in beta, there is anticipation that they will soon be rolled out to all users. The exact date of the rollout is currently unknown, but our team will continually update you with the latest information.

Microsoft Launcher is exclusively available to Android users and can be downloaded through the Google Play Store. Keep an eye out for the exciting integration of Bing Chat in the coming weeks.

The upcoming feature also seems to be deployed on Surface Duo devices. Therefore, if you operate Microsoft’s primary Android device, you can also look forward to the inclusion of AI.

Via Windows Central