DuckDuckGo privacy-focused browser ships to Windows in open beta

Kevin Okemwa


Earlier today, DuckDuckGo announced that its privacy-focused browser is now available for Windows users to try out. The company already released the beta version of its browser to Mac users last year with support for password management, tab management, bookmarks, and more.

DuckDuckGo has indicated that users have long-requested for this release, and it now sports the following features as shared with OnMSFT:

  • More privacy by default. The Windows browser is already equipped with almost all the built-in privacy protections users love from our iOS, Android, and Mac browsers – including free email protection, secure password management, and multiple layers of defense against third-party trackers – and we’re bringing it closer to parity all the time. And unlike with most browsers, you don’t need to go on a scavenger hunt to turn the privacy settings on.
  • Duck Player for a better YouTube experience. A fan favorite from our Mac browser, Duck Player is a sleek, distraction-free YouTube player that protects users from targeted (aka most) ads, cookies, and recommended video rabbit holes. Uses YouTube’s strictest privacy settings for embedded video.
  • Automatic cookie pop-up handling. Opt in to let the browser choose the most private options available and hide the pop-ups on an always-growing number of sites.
  • An ad blocker alternative. We don’t just block the creepy trackers that power most ads; we clean up the whitespace left behind by those ads, too, without needing any third-party extensions.

Besides the privacy enhancements in the browser, another noteworthy feature that’s part of this open beta release is the Duck Player. Mac users are able to block out targeted (aka most) ads, cookies, and recommended video rabbit holes in YouTube via the feature, and now the same experience will be available for Windows users. This way, it will be easier for users to enjoy the platform’s offerings fully.

The browser also ships with an ad blocker that helps restrain hackers and their campaigns. What’s more, you’ll not need to install a third-party extension as the browser ships with one in-built.

As you might already know, DuckDuckGo’s email protection service shipped to open preview last year. It’s designed to help let users have a private or personal DuckDuckGo address, thus making it harder for people to access their real email addresses.