Do you have the new Photos App for Windows 11?

David Allen

Photos app

Shortly after Windows 11 2022 is launched in early October, Microsoft will be releasing an update to the Windows 11 Photos app.  The app introduces a new photo managing experience and is rolling out in the Windows Insider Dev Channel now.  Microsoft will monitor feedback and widen the release in the future.  The update brings a beautiful gallery, better browsing, and an improved search and find. You can easily back up your photos with OneDrive and share a “memories” experience across your devices.  Here are just a few things you can try in the update.

  • Organize your photos with a productive purpose-built experience.
  • Back up your photos with ease using OneDrive to keep your memories safe.
  • Celebrate your experiences with improved “Memories”
  • Be more productive with multi-window and multi-screen
  • Easily monitor your OneDrive storage and add more from the app.
  • Easily import your photos from your camera or phone

This update to the Photos app (version 2022.31090.16004.0 and higher) will replace the current Photos app.  Earlier this year Microsoft introduced Clipchamp, a fun, intuitive way to manage your videos on Windows and make creation easy. Clipchamp comes with the basic tools for clipping and trimming your creations as well as advanced features such as transitions and animated text.  The new Photos app will no longer include a video editor, but for those that prefer the legacy experience, the app will remain in the Microsoft Store.

Image via Microsoft