Do Windows phone owners have a harder time dating? Some users think so

Brad Stephenson

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For many Windows phone owners right now, it can be a tough time to be a supporter of the Windows 10 Mobile platform. Microsoft appears to be holding off on new Windows phone hardware until their rumored Surface Phone reveal and it seems like every other week another company removes support for their Windows phone app.

Some users on Reddit have had another thought though. What if being a Windows phone owner is actually affecting peoples’ love lives? Just imagine! “I sometimes think that because I use and love Windows phone, it’s very hard for me to find someone that is compatible with me,” the discussion began on the Reddit thread. “Windows phone to me is all about individuality where I can be me and not be afraid of being judged. I tend to find most girls that use iPhone are the typical stuck up Instagram wannabe models. I wish there was a Tinder that focuses on Windows phone users only.”

Other Windows phone users were quick to reply with some finally realizing that their choice in mobile phone was the sole reason for their sad relationship status. “I haven’t had sex since 2011, when I got my first Windows Phone – now I know why!” exclaimed one individual. Others turned the table and suggested that owning an iPhone would be even more embarrassing for men. “If I was a woman, I’d be more concerned with my boyfriend if he had an iPhone because it’s such a female-dominated phone,” one man says logically and with total authority. “Owning a Windows Phone, it’s more like ‘What a rebel. Society tells you to conform to Android, but you are a bad boy’.” Why, yes. Yes, I am a bad boy with my Lumia 950.

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The most profound contribution to the insightful conversation was one individual who revealed that his love for his Windows phone went beyond what many would consider a societal norm. “I’m currently in a relationship with my Windows Phone. Fast, fluid and good looking, baby!”

User, Seargeoh, probably made the most sensible statement though. “If you are judging people based on what they use or whatever phone fits them, you shouldn’t even be dating,” he says. “You just literally just wants someone who agrees/believes what you believe in. That’s some egotistical, narcissistic behavior. What’s next? Judging them based on what they wear? The car they use?”

And Seargeoh is completely right. Anyone who chooses whether to date another person or not based on their tech probably isn’t that nice of a person to get involved with. Also, as Reddit user PhilR8 states in his comment, “The best part about this subreddit is that it’s impossible to discern the genuine posts from the troll posts.” Who knows where anyone really stands on this issue.

Would you choose to date or not date someone if they had a Windows phone or are you super-progressive and tend to look beyond outdated concepts such as mobile segregation? Let us know in the comments below.