Microsoft may be dropping plans for MirrorLink integration to Windows Phone

Kareem Anderson

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File this under extreme speculation, but it looks like Microsoft may be planning to drop its efforts to bring MirrorLink integration to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile in specific.

Before frustrated hands fly into the air, let’s clarify what exactly MirrorLink is and what it means to Microsoft.

MirrorLink is a protocol maintained by the Car Connectivity Consortium that helps connect smartphones to infotainment units similar to Android Auto and CarPlay. Presumably, Microsoft was looking to use MirrorLink integration to bring some sort of connectivity to the car as it maintained a spot on the partners page until today.

Thanks to a tip from an OnMSFT reader names James, we have just noticed that Microsoft is no longer among the list of MirrorLink partners.

While it might be easy to see this as another withdrawal from a burgeoning industry that Microsoft is becoming aptly proficient at, it may just be the continuation of a path the company has already begun take to automotive integration.

A few months ago, Microsoft unveiled a parallel strategy for automotive that would take it from being the front-end user interface to becoming the cloud-connected webbing manufacturers used to bring more integration into the car experience.

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Without an official word from Microsoft on the issue, we are only left to speculate but we’ll most likely get some more news on Microsoft automotive efforts later this year at its developer conference.

 Thanks James.