Disqus 3.0 Beta now available for Windows Phone 8.1, introduces a host of new features

Fahad Al-Riyami

Popular commenting service Disqus has just released a beta version of Disqus 3.0 for Windows Phone 8.1 and it brings along a bunch of new improvements. If you use Disqus a lot, then you’ll probably want to download the app as it helps you keep track of all your comments and discussions on all the websites that use the service, including WinBeta.
Here’s what’s new in Disqus 3.0 Beta for Windows Phone:

  • You can now create discussions on channels within the app, including adding topics
  • You can explore all the channels now, rather than a small subset like in the current app
  • You can now upload images to both comments and discussions
  • Moderation for user-created threads (if you are a moderator)
  • A refined design across the app
  • New notification types like when users create a discussion on a channel you moderate, new comments on discussions you start, and more
  • New feed filters, for example if you just want to see comments from people you follow or discussions from communities you follow
  • New “communities” tab to show you channels and sites you follow so you can access them quickly

The app being a beta of course means that there are still a few bugs that need squishing and improvements to be made. For now, check out the list of known issues in the app.

  • Localizations aren’t complete or tested. Using the app in a language other than English (United States) might crash the app or just show incomplete UIs.
  • The light theme isn’t complete yet. Some elements might appear made for the dark theme, and might not even show up against the white background. If you’re using the light theme on your phone by default, you can pick the dark theme manually in the app’s Settings -> App (in command bar below the ‘…’ on the Home page)
  • When creating a discussion and adding topics, if you have some text in your clipboard the suggestions won’t appear
  • When viewing notifications in reply to you, your comment will appear twice

You may also be pleased to know that Disqus has begun work on a Windows 10 version of the app, but it’s still a long way coming as the development team plan on rewriting some of the code to better support Windows 10-specific features. Also of note, the team is working on an iPhone version of the app, ending its mobile exclusivity with Windows Phone.
Give Disqus 3.0 Beta a try and let us know what you think of the app over at the comments section below.

Disqus Beta
Disqus Beta
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