Custom tags will soon be available in OneNote for Windows 10 and OneNote for Mac

Jonny Caldwell

OneNote UWP

Users of Microsoft’s OneNote application for Windows 10 and macOS will soon be able to add custom tags to their notes. This will not only allow setting  a custom label on the tag, but a custom icon as well. Custom tags will also sync across supported devices, starting with desktop and laptop computers, and will be fully searchable.

The company noted (pun intended) that they were a highly requested feature, so this should certainly please some users on the platform. However, it might be worth noting that the feature will likely not be coming to the win32 version of the application, due to the company’s decision to unbundle it in Office 2019.


As explained in the blog post, tags will be especially helpful for people, teams, and organizations to help them organize their notes in the individual’s preferred setup, potentially allowing them to reach them much faster.

The company also says that users on Windows 10 and macOS will be getting the feature next month to start off the new year, although it didn’t specify a mobile or web client release date. Perhaps the company plans to see how well they do for users on desktops before adding them to other devices.