Creative director responsible for controversial tweet no longer working for Microsoft



In case you have been hiding under a rock this past week, Microsoft’s creative director Adam Orth shared his thoughts via Twitter about the next-gen Xbox featuring an “always on” connection. His tweets pretty much made Microsoft look bad.

“Sorry, I don’t get the drama over having an “always on” console,” Orth stated in a Tweet. He used a hashtag “#dealwithit.” Orth even added that every device is always-on and “that’s the world we live in.” Orth’s tweets created a frenzy on the internet.

Microsoft eventually offered a statement apologizing for Orth’s actions stating that he was “not a spokesperson” for the software giant and that his personal views did not reflect upon the company’s “customer centric approach.”

Now, according to a few reports, Orth has “left the company.” No word on if he was fired or if he voluntarily left his position. Regardless, it shows how a few tweets on Twitter can create such a huge controversy. Orth can now spend his free time searching for a new job or walking his pet cat, since he is no longer part of Microsoft. #dealwithit