Microsoft says Surface Pro’s two year warranty does not violate Chinese law



In a recent report, it was revealed that Microsoft’s Surface Pro was facing criticism in China because the device was not following Chinese law when it comes to notebook warranty requirements. Turns out this is not true, according to Microsoft.

In China, notebook computers are required to have a one year repair warranty for the entire device and a two year warranty for the main parts. Microsoft, on the other hand, is only offering a one year warranty for both repairs and main parts, at least according to reports. This has caused an uproar in the region.

However, Microsoft has offered a statement claiming that the Surface Pro and all other products meet and even exceeds warranty laws in China. In fact, Microsoft says the Surface Pro is covered under a two year warranty (as expected by the law) and not a one year warranty as the critics are claiming.

“We stand behind our products with a manufacturer’s warranty, which is additional to our commitment to honor any statutory obligation as either a manufacturer or retailer, to repair or replace a faulty product,” Microsoft stated in an official statement.

So there you have it. Now the unnecessary criticism in China can stop!