Could Microsoft be teasing a floating taskbar in Windows 11?

Kevin Okemwa

windows 11 taskbar feature

Yesterday, Microsoft held its annual conference for IT professionals and developers, Microsoft Ignite, where we saw a ton of features and updates being rolled out across the board with the aim of enhancing the user experience of its products and technologies.

During such an event, Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella usually makes a keynote presentation. It was during his session that a floating taskbar was spotted on his Surface Studio device.


Currently, users cannot move the taskbar to the sides or the top of their Windows 11 devices. However, there are a couple of provisions available to users that they can use to customize it.

You might recall that some users had spotted an undocumented feature in Windows 11 build 25174, rounded corners in the Taskbar which Brandon LeBlanc, a Senior Program Manager on the Windows Insider Program Team, later confirmed to be a bug. Previously we also saw Microsoft A/B testing a more fluent taskbar animation on login in the Windows 11 Dev channel and more recently an alleged attempt to make it load faster.

Microsoft is yet to comment on the matter and confirm whether it is a feature that users should expect to ship in the future. In the meantime, you can check out our expert guides on how to pin shortcuts to your taskbar or how to hide it.

via: The Verge