Could Apple be working on a Surface Duo-like dual-screen iPhone?

Arif Bacchus

A new tweet from Jon Prosser, the same Apple rumormonger who predicted this year’s iPhone SE, is giving a bit more insight into what a possible folding iPhone from Apple could shape up to look like. According to Prosser, Apple’s “folding” iPhone isn’t really foldable, and a current prototype has two separate display panels connected by a hinge.

Going the way of the Surface Duo, Prosser notes some of the design elements on the rumored iPhone. He says that prototypes have round stainless steel edges like the current iPhone 11 design. There’s also no notch, and a tiny forehead on the outer display for Face ID. More importantly, though, he says that even though the two panels are separate, when the displays are extended, the setup looks continued and seamless.

Of course, this is still just a rumor, and Prosser is careful to mention that he is “not even close to knowing a release.” So, it’s best taken with a fine grain of salt. But, for Microsoft fans, this iPhone does sound have the looks of a Surface Duo like device with that signature dual-screen layout separated by a hinge.

Still, it is still not surprising to see Apple consider a dual-screen iPhone. We’ve already seen these populate the smartphone market. There’s the LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen, as well as the ZTE Axom M. Would you buy a dual-screen iPhone? Let us know in the comments below?