Cortana voice search has fielded 6 billion queries since the launch of Windows 10

Arif Bacchus

Cortana on Windows 10

SMX, the two-day long Search Marketing Expo is officially underway today in Seattle.  Along with Lynne Kjolso of Microsoft, other key speakers from Google, Golf Channel/NBC Sports, AT&T, Go Daddy, and many more companies are also in attendance at the event.

At the SMX event ( seen near the 15:00 mark in this Facebook Live video), Lynne Kjolso announced that Cortana has fielded over 6 billion queries since the launch of Windows 10. Overall, that is a 60% increase YoY in natural language questions queries to Cortana. Kjolso also went into details that with the rise with Cortana and voice search, a faster shift to searching with voice might become something that everyone will be dealing with for the next few years.

The conversation as a platform, and the combination of technologies and messaging to get things done via the power of the digital assistant and the bot, were all highlighted by Kjolso at the event. Obviously, machine intelligence continues to become ever more important; let us know in the comments what you think about its impact on how you use technology.