Cortana Intelligence Solutions can help you walk through advanced data analytics

Kellogg Brengel

Part of Microsoft’s new mission is to build a more intelligent cloud. That means not just housing data and processes in a data center, but using analytics and intelligent systems to learn more about your company’s data and processes.

To this end, Microsoft has been introducing a number of tools to help companies jump into data science. Apps like Power BI and services like Cortana Intelligence are powerful and cutting edge ways to extract meaningful insights from all of the data your company generates and collects.

And now Microsoft is making it easier to get started. Today on Technet, Microsoft highlights new prebuilt Cortana Intelligence Solutions which can be instantly deployed to get your own analytics solutions up and running.

The current prebuilt solutions in the Cortana Intelligence Gallery
The current prebuilt solutions in the Cortana Intelligence Gallery

So far there are nine prebuilt analytics solutions for Cortana Intelligence. They include topics such as forecasting demand, identifying anomalies, predictive maintenance, or vehicle telemetry.

There are a few steps involved in deploying a solution. First, you go to the Cortana Intelligence Gallery and select your solution.

Then you’ll have to enter in some information, like the name of your deployment, your Azure subscription, and then select the Azure region.

Once this general information is entered, you’ll have to key in the specifics. Such as username, password, API keys, keywords etc. This all varies by solution. Once this is entered you can then click Next and a solution will be deployed in about 3-25 minutes.

While these prebuilt solutions might not be able to answer the most specific and complex problems your company is facing, they do provide an easy way to start applying analytics now and get your feet wet quickly.