Check out the new Xbox One S ad, “the best-selling console in America”

Laurent Giret

Xbox One, Halo, Console, Bundle

Microsoft unveiled today a brand new ad for its Xbox One S gaming console. The one minute video highlights some of the console’s best killer features including nearly 100 Xbox exclusive titles, the fastest gaming network with Xbox Live, support for High Dynamic Range and 4K video streaming and more.

While the new ad is a good summary of what makes the $300 Xbox One a lot of bang for your buck, this video passed on some other good selling points such as the 40% smaller design, the growing library of backward compatible Xbox 360 games and the ability to upscale all current games to 4K on eligible TV sets. It’s also worth nothing that while Microsoft included the “The best-selling console in America” in the video’s title on YouTube, the company doesn’t highlight it in the video. That’s too bad, as the Xbox One claimed this title for three months in row between July and September 2016 according to The NPD Group.