Cortana Intelligence Gallery gets custom modules for creating machine learning experiments

Dave W. Shanahan

Machine Learning APIs

Azure Machine Learning (ML) Studio has over 75 built-in modules available to help use your data to create machine learning experiments. As a bonus, there are also custom R modules available for added functionality beyond what is offered in the built-in modules. The Cortana Intelligence Gallery already has a large ML community who share experiments, tutorials, and other helpful information.

Starting today, there is a new category available in the Cortana Intelligence Gallery; Custom Modules. Custom Modules offer a place where ML community members can store and share custom modules for use in their own experiments. Some Custom Modules being added today include the time series analytics modules, association rules module, additional clustering algorithms beyond k-means, exciting visualization modules, including workhorse utility modules available to automate menial data processing tasks.

Click here to see the featured Custom Modules or take a look at all of the Custom Modules available.

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Custom Modules

The Custom Modules that are available in the CIG are meant to touch upon five important experiences:

  • Discover: Browse or search the Gallery to find modules of interest to you.
  • Understand: Explore detailed module documentation from right within the Gallery.
  • Import: Add the module (and accompanying sample experiment) to your workspace with one click.
  • Discuss: Use the Disqus section to ask questions and share feedback.
  • Share: Share the module with others and give back to the community.

Stay tuned, and we’ll give you more information on the next Cortana Intelligence Gallery updates.

Have an idea for a custom module that you’d like to see in the Cortana Intelligence Gallery? Let the Azure Machine Learning team know in the community forums.