Cortana gets her fitness coaching license, will ensure that you stick to your workout

Fahad Al-Riyami

Cortana gets her fitness coaching license, will now ensure that you stick your workout schedule

New Year’s comes around and people get hyped up, ready to ensure that a change in their lives that year, but do they really follow through with their resolutions? Not as often as it is seems according to Microsoft search data, at least for those that vowed to get fit.

Microsoft noticed that fitness-related searches peaked in January, but then began to die down as the months progressed. To help keep people motivated throughout the year, Microsoft decided to add ‘personal trainer’ to Cortana’s list of capabilities.

“Powered by the knowledge of Bing, Cortana understands the purpose of real-world terms such as “gym” or “my swimming club.” Cortana also knows that despite our best efforts, our work-out regimens can slip. She will offer to help you maintain your fitness schedule.” – The Bing Team

When Cortana’s knowledge and location engine notices that you visit a local gym regularly, she will now suggest assisting you in getting/staying fit. You can also turn the feature on manually under Cortana’s “lifestyle” interest category. The personal assistant turned digital trainer will alert you about upcoming workout days and remind you to take your kit with you.

Cortana gets her fitness coaching license, will now ensure that you stick your workout schedule

If you miss gym sessions, Cortana will suggest blocking out time on your calendar to allow you to compensate for the lost workout, so not only will she remind you about sessions, but ensure that you keep to your schedule. If you’ve worked out on a schedule before you know how easy it is to lose track once you miss out on just a single session, which would then extend to missing out on following ones. Cortana won’t stand for indiscipline!

Do you think Cortana will be successful in her endeavors as a fitness assistant, is she a necessary push to get people to stay fit and healthy? Please tell us what keeps you motivated in the comments below.