Administrators rejoice: New Office 365 update brings new features to admin app

Sean Cameron


Office 365 Administrators have gained a number of new abilities following the latest update to the Office 365 Admin app that should make administrating on the go a more complete experience than before.

Included in the new update is a new Message Center, which is similar in functionality to its implementation in Office 365 proper. This will make it easier to keep abreast of new developments, tasks that need completed and updates to the service as they happen.

User management has also been added, users can now be added and deleted on the go, as can their rights within the system. As such, responding to new situations as they occur will be far simpler than it was previously. The service health view has also been simplified, meaning that keeping abreast of changes in service health can be done more quickly.

Currently the app is available for Windows Phone and Android, with plans to bring it to iOS soon. You can view the download links below.

Are you an Office 365 administrator? Will these changes benefit you? Let us know in the comments below.