Copies of Dead Island 2 appear in the wild days before its release date

Robert Collins

Dead Island 2 doesn’t officially release until next Friday, April 21st. But that hasn’t stopped some gamers from getting their hands on a copy of the game a full 10 days early.

One gamer who has already received a PS5 copy of Dead Island 2 shared their score on Reddit. Posting to the r/playstation subreddit on April 11, the user shows off what does indeed appear to be a Dead Island 2: Day One Edition game box. In the comments section the user says “Got mine from a guy on ebay, he had a bunch of copies.”

Got dead island 2 super early!
by u/Marcellius-the-3rd in playstation

As for the game itself, the user had this to say,

Game doesn’t take itself seriously in a good way kinda like borderlands…The gore is the best addition to the game for me.

Gameplay is super fun, every weapon category has different moves and finisher, graphics are amazing specially when you on a balcony looking at the horizon, story is not the best one so far hopefully it gets more interesting as i progress through the game, is not open world like the previous game but you can visit multiple areas like hollywood, bel air etc, gore is amazing! You can brake skulls, jaw, limbs you name it. No bugs no crashes so far pretty solid game but i would definitely wait for a professional review like “before you buy” or “angry joe.”

Dead Island 2 has seen a long and winding development road since it was first announced nearly a decade ago. It has been delayed multiple times, and has been handed to multiple studios over the course of its development. But at last the game is set to be widely available next week, and judging by everything that’s been seen it may just be worth the wait.

Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2
Developer: Deep Silver
Price: Free