Bethesda has apparently removed Russian language support from Starfield

Robert Collins

As some eagle-eyed gamers have noted, Bethesda has seemingly dropped Russian language support from its Starfield listing on Steam. On April 11, a change was made on the Starfield Steam page that removed any mention of Russian subtitles and language support. (Archived pages show that these features had been listed as recently as April 4).

At present there has been no statement from either Microsoft or Bethesda on this change. One can only presume that it may possibly be related to the Ukraine/Russia conflict, seeing as the Russian language was supported in past Bethesda Game Studios like Fallout 4 and Skyrim. It is interesting to note however, that at the time of this writing Russian language support is still listed for the upcoming Redfall, also from Bethesda.

Starfield will support multiple languages when it ships on September 6, 2023, including English, German, French, Italian, Japanese and more. Before that, gamers will be treated to a special Starfield Developer_Direct showcase on June 11. Maybe Bethesda will divulge something on this change then.