CNEX Labs partners with Microsoft to improve cloud storage

Laurent Giret

Azure Servers

Earlier this week, semiconductor company CNEX announced at the Flash Memory Summit a new partnership with Microsoft to standardize Open-Channel SSD technology. As solid-state storage is currently seeing increased adoption in data centers, this new technology has been designed to optimize I/O performance in cloud infrastructure.

To create a healthy ecosystem around this breakthrough technology, CNEX and Microsoft have also invited Broadcom and other industry partners to join this Open-Channel SSD initiative. “CNEX is proud to be working closely with Microsoft, Broadcom and other industry leaders to bring Open-Channel SSD technology to market, and we look forward to even wider industry collaboration as we produce an industry standard specification,” said Dr. Alan Armstrong, CEO and Co-Founder of CNEX Labs.

The Open-Channel SSD standards initiative will welcome other industry partners starting Q4 2017, and an industry standard specification is expected to be released in the first half of 2018.