China’s antitrust committee joins Microsoft’s growing list of Activision approvals

Kareem Anderson

China State Admin Market Regulation

Despite the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority still jawing about their blockage of the Activision deal in the region, Microsoft continues to rack up regulatory approvals across the globe with China’s State Administration for Market Regulation being the latest to approve the acquisition.

According to the Seeking Alpha piece, China’s State Administration for Market Regulation offered one of the widest approvals to-date for Microsoft’s bid to acquire Activision with an unconditional approval at the end of its third review phase.

China’s approval comes days after the EU also approved the Microsoft and Activision deal with caveats around licensing agreements forcing the publisher to offer a deal to any current or future cloud gaming services that should jump into the fray.

While the CMA reiterated its stance on blocking the Microsoft deal immediately after the EU offered its conditional approval, it has been silent upon China’s announcement.

It should be noted that the CMA has recently been scrutinized by UK MPs in from the Business and Trade Committee who questioned the decision and its reflection on the region as a future tech mecha for companies. Never the less, the CMA stood firm on its initial conclusion as well as its ultimatum levied against Microsoft that would force the company to get written approval on the dela from the body before proceeding with any other business in the area.

For now, Microsoft is charging ahead with its review process with the US Federal Trade Commission lying in wait for its day with the company as its newest significant hurdle for the Activision deal.