Check out the Floodlight Cam controlled by your Windows 10 app

Michael Cottuli

Looking to dive into the world of home security? You may have seen some advertisements recently for the wireless floodlight security camera that goes by the name of “Ring.” What you might not know about Ring is that it’s supported by Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. This marks one of the first reliable home security options available for Windows 10 users and opens up a new world of possibilities for those who plan on foregoing professional home security forms in favor of a more personal touch.

The device itself goes for about $250 and comes in black or white. The device went on pre-order today, and its app is already available to grab on the Windows Store if you’re interested in giving it a whirl. As you might imagine, the app will let you take a look at whatever your camera sees – offering a safe view of whatever’s going on inside or outside your house whether you’re across the street or halfway across the world.


Ring - Always Home
Ring - Always Home
Price: Free+